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Apollo Gel

20" x 24" Sheets 2' x 25' Rolls Gel Converter
20 x 24 inch gel sheets 2 x 25 foot gel rolls Apollo Gel Converter
MSRP: $6.30 MSRP: $89.00
Uses / Applications:
Apollo Gel

Production companies and photographic markets use these plastic filters to add color to stage scenery and to provide color correction for theatre, film, and television. Gel creates mood by changing the color shade of light. Gel is used for short-term use.

Features / Benefits:

There are two widely accepted gel manufacturing processes: double-coated and deep dyed. Apollo Gel is coated on both sides of the polyester base material because many designers appreciate and demand the color consistency found in this process. Built-in controls ensure the color consistency throughout not only a single batch, but also from batch to batch. Controlling the dye density during the deep dyed process makes these assurances more challenging. Whenever good consistency and transparent colors are required, surface coated is the choice.


A total of 150 colors are available, which includes 12 diffusion colors and 20 color corrections.

Apollo Gel Numbering System: Spectral Curves
  • 1000's = Diffusions
  • 2000's = Color Corrections
  • 3000's = Violets
  • 4000's = Blues
  • 5000's = Greens
  • 6000's = Yellows
  • 7000's = Oranges
  • 8000's = Reds

The spectral curves in Apollo Gel represent the percentage of light transmitted by each filter at specified wavelengths across the visible spectrum.

Gel Conversion:
Apollo Gel Converter

Apollo Gel Converter:
Now you can use the same gel converter utility that Apollo Sales associates use. Simply type in a competitor gel number or name and find matching Apollo Gel! Click here or on the icon to use the Apollo Gel Converter.

Apollo Gel & Gel Products Video:

A Video Showcasing Apollo Gel and gel related products.

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