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Gobo Green

Gobo Production

Clean Laser Technology vs. Chemical Etching

  1. Image Consistency
    1. With the chemical etch process the number and formation of pixels will vary each time an image is produced.
    2. A laser produced gobo on the other hand, will have the same pixel configuration each and every time.
    3. The nature of OEM work requires gobo consistency at the highest level. Apollo currently supplies gobos to several fixture manufacturers. Laser produced gobos are meeting their elevated expectations. For one particular OEM, Apollo was experiencing up to 40% scrap using the chemical etch process. With clean laser technology, scrap is now less than ½ of 1%.

  2. Increased Color Range
    1. The player will show in this paragraph

      The chemical etch process struggled to offer color gradations less than 15% and greater than 85%. As a result, the chemical process made hitting certain browns or greens difficult or often resulted in a muddy color.
    2. Clean laser technology allows for gradations of less than 15% and greater than 85%, resulting in the ability to offer a broader color range without being muddied.
    3. The laser process has allowed the art department to create better master color mixing plates to hit required colors.

  3. Earth Friendly
    1. Over 4,000 gallons of waste have been eliminated annually.
    2. Electricity usage has dropped significantly. With the etch system, electricity was required to heat the etch and developer tanks, exposure lamps, etch pump motors, dryer blowers, laminator gear motor, and air filtration pumps and monitors. These have been eliminated.
    3. With lasers, we are able to recycle all scrap stainless steel rather than dissolve it in ferric acid for attempted recycling and disposal of heavy metals.

Best Green Product at LDI 2009.

Congratulations! Apollo Design Technology, Inc.’s Environmental Gobos has been selected by an independent panel of judges as the LDI Best Green Product for 2009 sponsored by Showman Fabricators.

Your product was one of thirteen submitted that will move the entertainment industry towards a more sustainable existence. Apollo along with all of the other companies that participated in the Green Technology Today Showcase have taken a leadership role in this critical endeavor. Just the fact that your company has made a commitment to being part of these forward looking manufacturers ahead of the industry trend in general is worthy of the award.

I also want to point out that your product was chosen as a finalist by every judge on the panel. Clearly the significant efforts that you undertook at Apollo to change a relatively dangerous and environmentally hazardous process using a variety of acids into a modern, energy efficient and safe production of gobos caught the attention of every judge. The informal judges’ comments included the significant improvement to the safety of your workers, the elimination of all potential spill hazards that could be a huge environmental disaster, and the use of a energy efficient production techniques. They even noted the fact that your packaging is from recycled content and is recyclable.

Once again, on behalf of Showman Fabricators I send my sincerest thanks for participating in the LDI Green Technology Showcase and congratulations for winning the Best Green Product Award.

Robert Usdin, LEED AP
Showman Fabricators, Inc.
47-22 Pearson Place
Long Island City , NY 11101
718-855-9823 (fax)

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