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Melissa Montes

  • Customer Care

    Although it’s early in her career, Melissa Montes is an old hand at customer service. Before she joined Apollo Design’s Customer Care team in 2016, her previous employer was a mall clothing store. A teenager when she began there, Melissa earned promotions that found her opening and working at other stores for the chain. Apparel stores generally have high turnover, but her work ethic and organizational skills set her apart. “I’m most passionate about helping a company grow and improve,” she says. “I’m someone who likes to get things done and won’t stop until I’m finished. I need to stay busy and I have a knack for being organized.”

    Away from work, Melissa enjoys hiking trails at Indiana’s state parks, playing volleyball and spending time with her large and close-knit family. “I started playing volleyball when I was nine, and still play, usually on teams with my sister and other family members,” she says. The youngest of four children, Melissa spends most Sundays “enjoying delicious Mexican food” at family cookouts. “Whenever we’re together, all we do is laugh.” What’s her guilty pleasure? “I could never give up pizza – ever.”

    Holder of a bachelor’s degree in business management and business marketing from Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW), Melissa’s childhood ambition centered on man’s best friend. “I always wanted a dog, but my parents would never let me have one,” she explains. “My love for dogs made me want to be a veterinarian.” A few years later, she and her mother were visiting a home giving away puppies. “The owner handed me one and told me to take it home. I didn’t know what to do and neither did my mother.” Today, the Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, Sophie, is a beloved member of the family.

  • Melissa Montes