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Rita LeFavour

  • Customer Relations Specialist

    An award-winning and by her teammates’ acclaim “awesome” shortstop in her softball playing prime, Rita LeFavour brings her diamond-honed skills to her role as a Customer Relations Specialist for Apollo Design Technology. As anyone from the sandlots to the pros will tell you, shortstop is one of the most demanding defensive positions. More hit balls go to the shortstop than any other player and agility is essential. Just as she handled sharply hit grounders, Rita fields tough questions with ease. “I love helping people,” she says. “It really excites me when I have to investigate a problem and then find the solution.”

    She has been with Apollo since 1999, the year after her sister succumbed to breast cancer. Ever since, “Reet” has been a volunteer with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer to help raise funds for research. “I want to make certain her two daughters won’t lose their lives to the disease like their mother did,” she explains. “I also want to keep her memory alive so her four children, grandchild and future grandchildren never forget her.” She calls her ceaseless efforts “my sister’s legacy.”

    Holder of an associate of arts degree from Ball State University, she has 30 years of experience in customer service and management positions, including her first job at a regional fast food chain. “I made 90 cents an hour and worked extremely hard,” she remembers. “I also ate a lot of French fries!” Away from work and her volunteer activities, the one-time softball standout enjoys golf, rooting for the Chicago White Sox and cavorting with her two beloved Labrador retrievers.

  • Rita LeFavour