Taylor Davis with wife Laura and daughter Esme.
Taylor Davis with wife Laura and daughter Esme.

Taylor Davis marks his second anniversary as Design Engineer and Business Development Lead with AVID Labs®, a sister company of Apollo Design®.

Taylor was more than willing to share what he loves most about his position: “The variety of challenges and cool projects.”

From his first day, Taylor has enjoyed the fast-paced environment and interesting projects. “My first day was a lot to take in, but it was fun!” Taylor continued, “I will never forget my time in West Virginia programming a lighting system all night with a colleague and climbing in the project’s giant glass structures.”

Taylor enjoys time with his family, disc golf, board games, and watching soccer in his free time. He also seeks ways to make a difference in the world while providing for his family.

Taylor, you’ve already made a difference during your time at Apollo. We appreciate you.

Will and Becky Linnemeier
Will and Becky Linnemeier

Will Linnemeier joined Apollo Design® 3 years ago. He went to high school with Joel and Keersten Nichols but didn’t realize they were the owners of Apollo until he researched the company for his interview.

"Apollo has a wonderful assortment of amazing people, all with varying strengths, that when combined, makes Apollo run smoothly. Apollo also has a diverse customer base; I have had the privilege of working with many of them, domestically and internationally,” conveyed Will.

During his first week with Apollo, Will traveled with the staff to Las Vegas for LDI. As he was setting up the booth, he was run over by an electrician’s cart. Thankfully, he wasn’t badly injured.

Will enjoys spending time with his wife, puppy, and children, water skiing, boating, snow skiing, walking/hiking, and reading.

We think you’re an amazing addition to our team, Will. We’re glad you’re here.

Chris Robison competed recently in a Spartan Race.
Chris Robison competed recently in a Spartan Race.

Chris Robison joined the ranks of Apollo Design® 7 years ago. He’s worked in Gel Production, Shipping, and now Building Maintenance. His favorite position was Gel, “because we work with all kinds of colors and get strings are fun to build.”

Building Maintenance allows Chris the ability to help the Apollo team throughout the building. “There is always something different to do in maintenance.”

From the beginning, Chris has appreciated the relaxing, family-like atmosphere among the owners and staff.

Chris enjoys flag football and hiking, among other activities outside of work. And he appreciates the opportunity to earn a living for him and his family.

Great job on your Spartan Race, Chris!

Jeff Salisbury

Jeff Salisbury began his position as Laser Technician in 2014.

“I love the process of figuring out solutions to problems to make things run better, faster, and with higher resolution. Learning all the different little pieces of information that go into using lasers to create the things we do is fascinating,” shared Jeff.

Jeff struggled to pinpoint what he enjoys most about working at Apollo. “I’ve worked in theatre for 29 years now. I have been doing lighting design and technical work for the past 9 years. Apollo is a name you hear around quite a bit, and some of my friends that dealt with them had great things to say. When the opportunity came up to join the team, I was really interested in seeing what it was like to work for them and be a part of the team with such a good reputation. It has been a great ride since.”

“I like solving technical issues and creating unusual things for our clients. I also enjoy the people I work with and the atmosphere at work. There is a lot to enjoy about this job,” Jeff stated.

When time allows, Jeff still enjoys working anywhere in the theater. He’s acted, directed, taught, and served as lighting director for most of his life. He also spends time remodeling a house and gaming.

Jeff, we love having someone with your expertise in theater, especially in lighting design.

Brandy Struble

Brandy Struble began her position as Glass Technician in 2016.Brandy was unavailable for an interview.

We’re pleased to have you on our team, Brandy.

David Waddles and fiancé Jeannette Campos.
David Waddles and fiancé Jeannette Campos.

David Waddles is celebrating his first work anniversary with Apollo as Assembly Tech. He was recently engaged to Jeannette Campos. David was unavailable for an interview.

Congratulations, David, on your recent engagement. We’re happy for you.