Paul Cook Coaching Soccer
Paul coaches soccer for the XXX in his spare time.

Apollo Design® scoped out the brightest new graduates at International Business College in the early 2000s. “Somehow,” states Paul Cook, “I was lucky enough to make the cut.”

Paul shares about his first days at Apollo: “First starters, 911 happened just a couple weeks earlier. I was a bit worried that it may somehow impact the company. Also, there was a lot to learn about gobo production — they can be tricky. I was impressed with how the art team adapted customer art for the gobo process.”

Paul coaches and plays soccer in the evenings and on weekends. “Soccer takes up the majority of my free time. I also try to squeeze in the gym and spend time with my dog, Calypso, and cats.”

For the record, Paul, Apollo feels lucky to have snatched you up 17 years ago.

Tracy Gunther

Tracy “Ginther” Ginther joined the ranks of Apollo in 2005 as Graphic Artist. She’s also floated to Administration when her assistance is needed.

“I love that we are a laid-back group of people,” Tracy says.

International Business College introduced Tracy to Apollo Design®. Tracy recalls wondering if she would feel comfortable working at Apollo long-term. “On the very first day, I noticed that Art Department was a very loud group. I was quiet and reserved.” Tracy elaborates, “Obviously I stayed, and now my coworkers would probably say that I’m the loudest person in the department!”

When asked about her favorite past-time, Tracy responds, “Travel. I love traveling. It’s the most enjoyable thing that I could ever do.”

Tracy tells us about one of her favorite Apollo memories: “Halloween was coming up and someone in the shop made a pop-up spider out of left-over metal. I was holding it in my hand when I saw Brandi Hite coming my way. I closed my hand and held it out telling her that I had something for her. She put her palm out, and I placed that ‘spider’ in her hand. When she saw it, she screamed so loud that she shocked everyone around, including me! We still laugh about it to this day.”

Tracy, we love you, and we’re staying away from you on Halloween. Maybe April Fool’s Day, too.

Milad Khouli, Keith Kankovsky, and Brett Zellers enjoy hanging out together outside of work.
Milad Khouli, Keith Kankovsky, and Brett Zellers enjoy hanging out together outside of work.

Celebrating 20 years with Apollo, Milad Khouli serves as Senior Executive, International Sales.

When Milad first began working at Apollo, he worked in Inside Sales to learn the business. Within a brief time, the decision was made to explore the untapped foreign market. Building an international Apollo presence was an area Milad was eager to pursue. At the same time, Milad added OEM sales to his responsibilities.

“I enjoy sales and dealing with the international community. Being fluent in several languages, having a love for travel, and connecting with people in far-flung places is in my DNA,” Milad states. “I love helping my customers find just the right Apollo product for their project needs. I love a challenge. Each day has its own unique opportunities. I have met fantastic people all over the world, and I love that connection.”

Milad has experienced many unforgettable moments during his time with Apollo. "Seventeen years ago, on September 11th, I was in London representing Apollo at the PLASA Show. That was the day that the planes hit the twin towers in New York City, of course. People from all over the world were congregating in front of televisions and monitors to watch the news unfold. Everyone was very supportive of the Americans at the show, including our Apollo crew. Since no airplanes were flying for a while, it took a while to get back to the States. One by one, our Apollo crew managed to get seats on planes going to the States. It was great to be back home – all in all, an experience I will never forget.”

In his free time, Milad loves being with his wife and family. Visiting both two-year-old grandchildren is a treat. He thoroughly enjoys taking them to the playground, joining them in a sandbox, or sitting on the floor playing with blocks and reading books to them. He also enjoys drawing and painting landscapes, constructing intricate model ships, and leisure travel — he really loves to explore new places.

Milad, the entire Apollo team and our international dealers wish you a wonderful anniversary. We can’t imagine doing Apollo without you.

John Johnson Profile Picture

John Johnson began his career at Apollo also 17 years ago this month. John serves as Laser Operator. Apollo keeps a busy shop schedule — John was unavailable for an interview.

John, we wish you a happy work anniversary and best wishes for many more to come.

Alexis and Dax the Cat.
Alexis and Dax the Cat.

Alexis Miller joined Apollo Design® in 2004, first as a part-time Email Coordinator before moving into her current role as a Graphic Designer. Alexis also fills in for Art Quality Control as needed

"The art we receive is so interesting, and it’s cool to imagine how the customers are using our products.” Alexis continued, “At times, we’ve seen events online that showcase our work. We help create products that are seen by so many people!”

Outside of the office, Alexis enjoys journaling. She admits to a weakness for acquiring notebooks and pens, especially Japanese imports, and also rescue cats. She claims to have quite a few kitties and says, “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

Alexis, we’ve learned from you that people who have an affinity for cats are lovely human beings, easy to work alongside, and are creative. But we’re still afraid to ask how many cats live with you.

Lacy Nichols
Lacy and Travis Nichols on their 7th Anniversary.

Lacy Nichols joined Apollo Design® as an Assembly Tech a year ago. Lacy was unavailable for an interview, but rest assured she’s family. No, really. She’s family.

Lacy, we’re all thrilled to have you on board with Apollo.