September 2, 2010

The problem with gobos is that they are fairly fragile and we use them in one of the roughest environments where they can get torn, tangled, scratched or shattered.

Something that folks always ask me on my travels is how to store them.

Apollo ships the steel and glass patterns in fairly robust and protective boxes or sleeves (depending on whether it is steel or glass) but after the beating that they take on the road, you are left with a fragile round steel or glass wafer that doesn’t seem to fit into anything.

I always toss my gobos in my briefcase and that is a very abrasive environment full of wrenches, screwdrivers, pens, and the occasional coin.

I have used several gobo transportation devices in the past.

The most indestructible carrier I have made is a 4″ PVC pipe coupler with craft foam inserts to separate the individual gobos.

It would be very difficult to crush the coupler and the foam separators guard against sudden stops as if they were dropped from a high place.

Another ready made carrier that I have used is a mini CD disk carrier.

These were sold with the Memorex label but can be Googled and ordered on the web.

I also use craft foam inserts to separate them.

A lot of you out there tour and carry gobos; do you have any gobo carrying tips?

Let’s hear from you!