How To Store Cut Gel

January 5, 2011 By IT.Team

I’ve done a lot of shows in high schools where the gel storage was a pile of different sized cuts in a gel shipping box. An organized gel stock is imperative to a well run theatre. I have seen many styles of storage and will go over a few. If you have a good storage tip, please add it to the comments.

Gel in a storage (milk)crate

Target Crates

I found these small crates that Target stores sell for miscellaneous storage. I added the velcro straps because I ship them all over for color presentations. They are flexible, hold up well, and are pretty inexpensive.

45 RPM Records Storage Boxes

These are perfect for storing 7.5” (6” fixtures) cuts and 6.25” cuts (ETC S4 fixtures). They can be bought online from a company called Light Impressions for $15.90 each. They also carry an LP album storage box which measures 13.25”x13.25” for larger gel cuts for $18.64

CD Storage Cases

There are several companies that sell larger CD storage boxes. These will accommodate the smaller gel cuts (6.25” or smaller). Check out available sizes and styles on the internet or visit a local computer store.

Shoe Boxes

A very temporary storage box can be a heavy duty shoe box. These won’t last long but once you have cut the separator cards they can be transferred to a new box fairly easily.

Use Your Scene or Wood Shop

During down times, ask the scenic folks to build some boxes for several sized gel cuts. Those of you in a school, ask the wood shop instructor to make some gel boxes for the theatre.

Gel in a storage (milk)crate

Separator (Gel Number) Card

Using a thick cardboard, poster board, or plastic cards will help keep the gel file organized. Cleaning up the gel box can be a project for a crew member that needs hours.

Organizing your gel system is a REAL time saver and will make a terrific impression on visiting lighting designers. This will also help to keep gels from getting torn or scratched up.