Alexis Linnemeier and Jr after, Flower Fridays Forever in black and white.
Alexis Linnemeier and JR Ricker stand in front of their "Friday Flowers Forever" Custom Gobo.

A Marriage Proposal in Lights

Will Linnemeier is no stranger to custom gobos. He serves as Sales Director for Apollo Design®. But one thing he isn't an expert at is being asked for his beloved daughter's hand in marriage.

Last December, Alexis' boyfriend, JR, scheduled a private meeting with Will. Of course, Will knew that JR was going to ask for his blessing to marry Alexis. And for this gentleman, Will was happy to extend a "yes" — and his knowledge of gobos.

Every Friday, JR stops by a flower shop to pick up a bouquet for Alexis, so it only fitted the proposal be built around that theme. When JR approached Will about setting up a flower themed engagement, they both agreed that a custom gobo would be the perfect touch to a special day.

JR and Will worked together to create a gobo with the phrase “Flower Fridays Forever,” and spent an entire day setting up down by the lake with a couple extra helping hands – Will’s youngest, Zak, and close friend Tim. On December 29, JR popped the question to Alexis at the Linnemeier's Indiana home down by their frozen lake.

Will recalls, "JR put a lot of thought into it. It was a surprise to Alexis. In a way, it was a surprise to me, too, that the 30 family and friends hiding next door at our neighbor's house didn't spill the beans!"

Pathway lined with lights in the snow and a bouquet of Roses.
Left to Right: The staircase lined in lights led to the frozen lake and proposal site; JR snapped pictures of each "Flower Friday" bouquet – these prints hung on the lights attached to the wooden handrails.
Alexis and Jr beside a projected gobo that read 'She Said Yes Congratulations Ali and Jr'
JR and Alexis stand in front of a personalized "She Said Yes" gobo projection.