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You’ve found The One.

Your family’s delighted. Your friends are ecstatic. You’ve reserved the chapel for your ceremony. The reception hall is secure. Wedding rings are designed. Now what?

You want your day to be everything that dreams are made of but your venues are lackluster. Whoa, Nellie! Bridezilla is threatening to make her appearance. Apollo Design® is your knight-in-shining-armor…or at least the horse your beloved rides in on.

Tell your story beautifully with an Apollo Design® Custom Gobo Wedding Template and Color Filter Gel combination. You’ll completely transform your wedding and reception venues with theatrical flair.

Your trusty steed, Apollo Design®, has saved the day! Now it’s time to begin your happily ever after.

Grab your engagement photo, invitation and your artwork ideas and head to your nearest Apollo Design® Dealer to place your order. You can even select scenic elements from our standard designs that wrap the room in City Night Bridge, an ancient Castle Closeup or Glowing Stars. Select items from our Wedding Collection gobos to finish off your look. It’s never been easier and your Apollo Design® Dealer will have all the tools needed to assist you!

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