Apollo participated in the first of its kind Virtual Vendor Showcase hosted by 4Wall in April.

We were pleased with the feedback during the event. Some discovered that Apollo and our sister companies AVID Labs and Blue Pony are capable of creating much more than they knew.

With three companies under the same roof, our capabilities are impressive, even more so when combining our expertise areas:

  • Blue Pony specializes in digital content, interactive technology, and experience marketing.
  • AVID Labs® focuses on engineering and design work for a wide range of lighting and other products.
  • Apollo’s manufacturing facility has the equipment to handle machining, laser cutting, and large format printing. We also do contract manufacturing.

Check out Apollo’s 4Wall Virtual Vendor Showcase tour here: https://vimeo.com/413641399

Your Apollo Dealer can assist you with your specific project needs. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it for you!

Please note: Due to non-disclosure agreements, we’re unable to share some of the details about the companies and products we’ve created. Rest assured, many of them blow our minds!