When I think about the USITT show and the theatre industry, it leads me to think about my view of theatre itself. I see it as a transformative experience for everyone involved. The audience is transformed to another place, time and viewpoint. Everyone who is involved with creating and producing a show gets transformed along with the audience as they become immersed in creating and executing a performance. No two performances are ever the same and so the experience itself becomes a building block for the future both technically and otherwise. The USITT show is transformative like Theatre. It reinvigorates the industry veterans from the eyes of young people. We get drawn into their excitement of seeing things that are fresh and new, planning their career, and exploring the tools and companies of the industry. This is truly a great show for all involved and well executed by the USITT staff.

We support USITT in the programs and opportunities they offer and will continue to do so well into the future. One program that we have decided to partner with is the USITT Diversity Initiative. We have recently made a donation to this initiative and will continue to do so in the future. Have a wonderful and transformative show. See you next year!!