April Anniversaries at Apollo

Brandi Hite with her Husdband and their 3 teenage boys.
From Left to Right, Back Row to Front Row: Baylen, Brad, and Boden; Bryden and Brandi Hite.

Customer Service Manager Brandi Hite has been with Apollo for a whopping 18 years.

During her first 13 years, she served as Executive Assistant before moving to her present position. Brandi loves her current post, sharing, "Working with this team every day is great! We all work so well together, and I feel we have a lot of fun." Another aspect of her job that she relishes is meeting all dealer deadlines.

Brandi recalls her first week at Apollo was a memorable one: She had a severe stiff neck that week and downed power lines and trees meant that she was late to work one day. A rough first week didn't prevent her from persevering and making a good impression on the Apollo team.

In her free time, Brandi and husband Brad travel the Midwest attending no less than six 80s Hair Band rock concerts a year. They recently added a pool to their backyard. Now, much of their family time is spent poolside during the summer months.

Brandi shared her focus in life is, "Doing what is right all the time and setting a good example for my boys. It gives my life purpose."

We never tire of Brandi's smile and winsome personality. Apollo customers love her, too.

Picture of Kim Muller and husband Garrett
Garrett and Kim Muller enjoying an evening together.

Staff Accountant Kim Muller has served three years with Apollo.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Kim responded, "The people I work with are very caring and personable. I get to work with every department in some capacity, so I’ve loved learning the intricacies of how the business operates. My job can challenge me at times, but overall the challenges help me to grow both professionally and personally."

When Kim isn't at work, she can be found enjoying a tennis match or traveling with her husband.

We find Kim very caring and personable, as well. We're glad she's part of the Apollo team.

Selfie of Emily Richardson
Pictured above: Emily Richardson

Emily Richardson, Laser Operator/Marketing Designer, joined the Apollo team in 2015. In addition to these official positions, Emily has also assisted with assembly and metal lasers as needed.

Emily enjoys her Marketing Designer position the most. She shares, "It allows me to use my creativity and gives me an occasional change of scenery."

We were recently given insight into Emily's artistic side. Apollo asked for volunteers to complete Color Me DesignScapes® light panels to use as samples of our new product. We think you'll agree that Emily's submission knocked it out of the barnyard!

Disco Nights Colorme DesignScape Colored in By Emily Richardson
Emily's interpretation of Disco Nights Color Me DesignScapes® is gob-smackingly fantastic!

When asked what she most enjoys about her job, Emily responds, "I love that it's very much a family environment."

Painting, reading, and enjoying the city life of Fort Wayne are all things Emily experiences outside of work.