From left to right: Brandi Hite (Customer Service Manager), Kimberly Muller (Accounting Supervisor), and Emily Richardson (Glass Technician & Graphic Artist).

As Apollo’s Business Operations Manager, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with this month’s anniversary employees. These ladies are the best!

Brandi Hite, our Customer Service Manager and has been with us for 19 years. Brandi has found the perfect position for her. She’s well liked and well respected by her team and has a natural affinity for knowing what our dealers and customers need and want.

Kim Muller worked her way into the Accounting Supervisor role. She was a quick study of our accounting systems and has offered her expertise in strengthening Apollo’s procedures even further. We are fortunate to have her in our Accounting Department.

Emily Richardson began working at Apollo as a Glass Technician, a position she still holds. Along the way, we discovered that Emily is an accomplished artist holding an Associates Degree in Graphic Art from Ivy Tech. She now also serves as a Graphic Artist. No matter which position she fills on a given day, those around her are encouraged by her eye for detail and style.

Brandi, Kim, and Emily, we can’t thank you enough for the value you’ve added to Apollo!

Melissa Irk, Business Operations Manager

Meillsa Irk Business Operations Manager