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Associated Theatrical Contractors Made our Day

Apollo's November Contest prompted Leigh Tedford of ATC in Springfield, MO, to share the following with us:

I cannot pinpoint only one day that Apollo has saved the day as I am dealing with someone from the company on a daily basis. And honestly, Apollo saves the day every day for me.

When I am having a rough day, Mary turns that around with her cheerful and kind attitude and makes my heart smile. When I need to get something figured out quickly for a rush job, Keith comes to the rescue. When I need to get a repair figured out ASAP, Rita saves the day. Someone at Apollo helps me on a daily basis.

I am thankful for Apollo because I could not do my job without any of you! Thank you for letting your light shine!

Share your favorite "Apollo Saved the Day" memory with us for entry into this month's Apollo 25th Anniversary Contest. The winner will receive up to 20 Apollo T-shirts for the office. Email: