Atmosphere Lighting Uses Apollo Gobos to Transform Washington, D.C.


Atmosphere Lighting and Apollo Gobos set the design trend for the Washington Nationals World Series playoff using a Custom Apollo Gobo and multiple Star Group gobos.

Star Group


Keith Gifford, Rental Manager for Atmosphere Inc.(external link), shared photographs of Washington National Cathedral outfitted with the MLB Washington Nationals team logo and standard in preparation for the World Series.

Elizabeth Coco was the lighting designer for this occasion. The look was reportedly copied all over D.C. following the Washington Nationals win.

Congratulations, Elizabeth, on a stunning sports tribute.


Apollo Halloween Gobos light the paths at the National Zoological Park with ghoulish images, including Evil Eyes, Happy Halloween, Plain Bat, Pumpkin Traditional, Skull, and Witch with Broom.

The Smithsonian's National Zoological Park lets loose each fall with their Boo at the Zoo annual fundraiser.

For 20 years, Atmosphere has partnered with F.O.N.Z. (Friends of the National Zoo) transforming the grounds into a Halloween party.

Atmosphere lighting designer, Joseph "Sparky" Hopkins, headed up this year’s hair-raising event by lighting the zoo’s walking paths with Halloween themed lighting.

"Boo at the Zoo is a destination event for many DC area residents. It has sold out three nights every year, along with a new adults-only weekend called Night of the Living Zoo," explains Sparky.

"There are 43 streetlight poles throughout the zoo, with each pole having either one Scoop or three Source 4 ERS fixtures with Apollo Halloween Gobos. A total of 18 gobo projections light the main pathway of the zoo, similar to what’s shown in the photo," continues Sparky. "When the exhibit is open, I also use gobos to light the bridge over the Elephant enclosure using a total of 12 Source 4 ERS fixtures."


Atmosphere Lighting used Apollo Gobos to create an elegant wedding reception at the Watergate Hotel.

Blossoms In Bloom


The 5-star Watergate Hotel makes a gorgeous wedding reception venue, as Atmosphere’s Special Event Lighting Designer Eric Nance proved.

"I think what I remember most about the event is the best part of any successful event: working with a great team of talented designers and artists. This event was with one of my favorite groups, Evoke Design and Creative."

According to Eric, the two biggest challenges faced from a technical standpoint was not having the optimal ceiling height or angle in the ballroom, and how to pull off a gobo treatment from ground supported fixtures in the entrance hall without blinding the guests entering the event. Lead Programmer Sierra Comer wisely suggested the answers to both problems: lots of extra lens tube and focus, refocus, and refocus again.

"From a creative standpoint, I am fortunate to work with clients who trust my vision for events, and a great team of lighting professionals at Atmosphere Inc. Together, we turned the ideas in my head into reality," explains Eric. "The choice to use Apollo Gobo Blossoms in Bloom came from a certain Lead Programmer previously mentioned, and it was a home run."

"I am a huge fan of LED and bold bursts of color, but that isn't always what an event is looking for, especially weddings. I think there is still a lot of fear about how those elements will affect photos, or ruin the classic look that people associate with events of this nature. I think it is highly important to show that you can still pull off a great subtle look using LED equipment, and not your everyday standard gobos." Eric concluded.

Some of Eric's favorite Apollo Gobos are Blossoms in Bloom SR-6134, Breakup Pick Up Sticks ME-2221, Circle Confusion ME-2544, Interlocking Halos ME-2301, and any of the Dichroic Gobos. He is also an advocate for using Apollo Dichroics Color Filters with a stainless steel Metal Apollo Gobo for dynamic results.