Sarah High

Sarah High first learned about Apollo Design® through her college’s career placement department over 5 years ago. She was hired on as a Graphic Artist in Apollo’s Art Department.

When asked what she most enjoys about her role, Sarah answers readily, “The people I work with. We have a really awesome, fun crew!”

When she’s off the clock, Sarah enjoys hanging out with family and friends, and her awesome cat, Shadow. She also does freelance graphic design work and recently began writing a novella.

Sarah, we hear your fellow Art Department peeps think you’re pretty fun, too.

Matt Green out Hiking

Matt Green, Production Supervisor, joined the Apollo team 2 years ago.

"I enjoy having new challenges each day,” shares Matt. “We have the opportunity to come up with unique solutions for our customers. I enjoy working with my team and have really enjoyed getting to know them and others in the company.”

"When I was fairly new to the company, we got a job to make a lighted display for an athletic company store in Florida,” Matt explains. “During planning and executing the assembly of the display, I found out what doing a large project with the company was like. I was impressed by the way the team worked together toward the common goal. Early mornings, late nights, getting help from other areas, solving problems as we went through the process was all part of a good education for me. And in the end, seeing the final product and learning that the customer was satisfied made a lasting impression on me. We have done several large projects since then, but that one set the tone.”

Matt, Apollo has learned a lot from you, too. Keep up the great work!

Derek King Driving his Rally Car

Derek King, Apollo Machinist, was hired a year ago in Assembly.

Derek loves his current position, stating, “I enjoy thinking outside of the box and the day-to-day challenges involved to create a part.”

When asked what he most enjoys about his job, he jokingly says, “Seeing Caleb Nichols’ pretty face every day. And I like driving fast, which makes my money spend fast. If I don’t wake up to that first alarm, I’m just throwing time away.”

Derek, we hear you’re a positive presence in the machine shop and fun to work with, as well.

Scott Halbrook

Celebrating 21 years at Apollo, Scott Holbrook serves in Shipping and Receiving.

Scott was unavailable for an interview. We think it’s safe to say that Scott enjoys working at Apollo, and we assume he likes his colleagues.

Scott, we like you and glad you’re here!

Marty Evans pictured with wife Kelly and children.
Marty Evans pictured with wife Kelly and children.

Marty Evans joined the ranks at Apollo 16 years ago. He began his career in Shipping, before moving to the Gel Department, and serving as Laser Operator.

Always ready with a smile and a story, Marty has enjoyed every position he’s held due in large part to the people he works alongside. He shared, “I felt like I already knew everyone from my first day. I talk to everyone — I'm very social.”

Away from work, Marty loves to spend time with family and friends. He’s also an avid sports fanatic. “My wife and children give my life purpose.”

Marty, your workmates enjoy your company, too.