Top to bottom, left to right: Marty Evans, Laser Operator, Matt Green, Shop Floor Supervisor, Sarah High, Graphic Artist/Production, Derek King, Machinist. Not pictured: Scott Holbrook, 22 years, Shipping & Receiving.

I appreciate all the hard work our employees do every day at Apollo. It’s nice to step back and consider the impact individuals make as their anniversaries roll around.

Marty Evans has been a great employee for many years. He has worked in different departments over the years, from shipping to gel, and now in the printing and laser cutting department. Marty has always been a fun, positive person. He befriends everyone with whom he comes in contact. We appreciate Marty’s willingness to help out wherever he is needed.

Matt Green has been a great help in supervising the gobo production. He is responsible for getting a quality product to our customers on time. He always goes the extra mile to make sure his department is running smoothly. 

Scott Holbrook is one of those quiet people that gets overlooked because he doesn’t say much. He knows more than people realize, and he has been Jeff’s right-hand man for 22 years now. He has some secret skills that not many people know about, and when he uses them, he usually saves the day! 

Sarah High is a fun, unique person. Her pink desk decorations make it apparent to any passerby what her favorite color is. She brings a creative flair to the art department that is refreshing. 

Derek King is a workhorse! We appreciate his dedication to learning all the ins and outs of the machine shop and becoming a master machinist. His love of performance cars and how to tweak them has influenced his work with programming the lathes and mills.  

Happy anniversary!

Keersten Nichols, President

Keersten Nichols, President