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It’s all over the news. Seventeen-year-old Julian Rois Cantu developed the EVA, or Auto Exploration Bra, in response to his mother’s experience with breast cancer. The bra is worn for 1 hour each week and records minute changes that may indicate early signs of breast cancer with its 200 sensors, transferring the data to a computer or app. * Rios Cantu is now the 18-year-old CEO of Higia Technologies. It will be interesting to follow this breakthrough application of the biosensor company based in Mexico. 

Apollo Design® Technology’s own Business Operations Manager, Melissa Irk, fought and won her battle with breast cancer. Diagnosed at the young age of twenty-seven, she spent 21 months undergoing treatment. “This technology is extremely important for early detection. What an amazing invention Julian has created to help future generations.” comments Irk.

Rebecca’s Pink Ribbon AP8710 Apollo gel is named after Rita LeFavour’s sister who lost her battle to breast cancer. An eighteen-year veteran and Customer Service Specialist at Apollo, LeFavour sincerely appreciates Apollo Design Technology’s investment in breast cancer research.

“This (Rois Cantu) isn’t just a clever person,” states Ben Williamson, husband of Apollo employee Andrea Williamson, Content Marketing Coordinator. “It’s someone unwilling to remain powerless in the face of adversity and tragedy.” Williamson’s mother died from breast cancer four years ago after waging a twenty-one-year battle. 

About 1 in 8 U.S. women (12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. ** This means someone diagnosed with breast cancer will affect each of us. In honor of Cancer Research Month, supporting foundations that research cures for future generations are essential and Apollo donates annually to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. To date, the foundation has raised $28.1 million. ***

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