Cart2Quote Tutorial

Welcome to Apollo's Cart2Quote program. We believe you'll find this tool profitable for Dealers and Customers alike.

It's easy to use:

Step One: Add to Quote

Customers will view products of interest on the Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. website ( The customer selects "Add to Quote" for the chosen item(s).

Step Two: Submit Quote Request

Customer completes the form selecting the quantity needed and their Dealer. Next, Customer provides contact information and may also include a message, if desired. Customer clicks "Submit Quote Request".

Step Three: Quote Received Pop-Up Response

The page will automatically direct Customer to a "Quote Received" message.

Step Four: Customer Email

Customer will receive an automated email response similar to the one shown above.

Step Five: Dealer Email

Dealers and Apollo Design® will receive an automated email with the Cart2Quote submission details. Dealers must respond directly to Customer with a no-obligation quote.

We've worked hard to make this no-fuss system work for everyone. It's an excellent way for Customers to notify Dealers of the Apollo products they're most interested in using. Let us know what you think.

For additional questions or inquiries, please contact