Chapter 10: The One Where Gobos Go Green

Apollo History Blog Series

In 2007, Apollo Design® set out to change their gobo processing from chemical to laser. “We had a high discomfort that our staff was handling hydrochloric acid and that we were an Indiana large waste generator,” Joel stated. The technology was now available to make the switch, and Apollo helped to blaze the trail.

Apollo’s clean laser technology for steel and glass gobos resulted in an environmentally friendly product that produced higher resolution, consistency in color and duplication, and with a faster turnaround time.

The three-year process to “go gobo green” culminated in January 2010 when Apollo removed from use the last of the old chemical processing equipment. This conversion allowed Apollo Design® to reduce thousands of gallons of chemical waste annually. The industry recognized their initiative and granted Apollo Design® LDI’s Green Product Award: Laser Gobos (2009).

Apollo’s focus continues to provide its dealers and customers with the highest quality products for the best price. Apollo frequently evaluates its processes and procedures to uncover cost-effective adjustments which enable them to pass along the savings.