Melissa Irk, Apollo Business Operations Manager, showcases the new PrintScenic™ gobos.

Chapter 12: The One Where PrintScenic™ Takes Over

Apollo History Blog Series

The PrintScenic™ gobo launched in 2012, changing the industry’s perception of color gobos. PrintScenic™ gobos were dramatically less expensive than a full-color dichroic product, making them more cost effective and accessible.

PrintScenic™ gobos were designed for use with the fast-growing LED lighting market, requiring extensive research and development between Apollo’s engineering and art departments, along with regular feedback from the staff. A tremendous commitment to research materials, inks, and print methods were essential.

The results were outstanding.

Apollo’s creative team exceeded their original goal of printed plastic; they were also able to develop a process whereby PrintScenic™ was also available on glass, further enhancing its performance.

Upon launching the product, Joel proudly shared, “I have to thank everyone at Apollo who made this product possible. I believe we have one of the best teams in the industry.”