A second sister company to Apollo, AVID Labs® LLC, was founded in 2012 on the theory that a compact team with a unique outlook can generate big results. “Design has always fascinated me and has been a driving force throughout my life. Design, I believe, is not so much about the conception, manufacture, and sale of the product as it is about the people who use the product. Design starts and ends with people,” shares Joel.

AVID Labs® engineers are experts in the conception, design, engineering services, and manufacturing of unique products.

AVID Labs® specializes in architectural, commercial, and industrial lighting fixtures, but has also created products that are outside of this realm. AVID has had the privilege of designing items such as a custom light system for the automotive industry, fanless, wireless control, specialty outdoor, retail, and military focused light designs, interactive water features, and even a Dyslexic/Visual Stress Reading Ruler.