AVERE® 4UV Promo Video; March 2015

AVERE® 4UV Promo Video; March 2015

Chapter 14: The One Where New Products Launch

Apollo History Blog Series

Between 2013-2016, AVID Labs® worked closely with Apollo Design® in the creation and manufacturing of many new AVID and AVERE® lighting products, including the AVID 5 Can LED, AVERE® 4UV, AVERE® 5 PAR 30 Can, AVERE® 3S PAR 38 Can, and AVERE® 6 PAR 38 Can. Many other products were created exclusively for customers and their specific needs.

Apollo conceived, designed, and manufactured smaller products during this timeframe as well, like the Perma Penny Truss Protector and Little Focus 3, 5, and 6 Wrenches, to make life easier for lighting designers everywhere. The Perma Penny is a handy truss protector that slips onto a fixture clamp. It protects the aluminum truss from repeated damage done by clamps, adding years of life to the truss.

Apollo Outlet launched in 2013 as an outlet for discontinued, demo, or excess inventory products. Apollo dealers and customers now had an easy, online way to meet needs at a fraction of the cost.

Behind the scenes in 2016, Apollo updated its business management software and website to enhance its customers’ experience, a commitment that is ongoing.