The New PrintScenic® Gobos

Chapter 15: The One Where PrintScenic™ is Enhanced

Apollo presented the all new PrintScenic™ gobos for LED fixtures early summer, 2017. After researching new technology, Apollo discovered a “secret weapon” to printing PrintScenic™ gobos with improved resolution, higher definition, better saturation, and variation in color.

The improvements have been met with hearty applause, but don’t just take their word for it. Check out this video for proof.

iGobo Logo

Likewise, making its re-entry as “new and improved” around the same time is the iGobo app for iPhones, now with a more robust set of gobo options and an improved user interface.

Apollo Design® worked closely with Blue Pony Digital to create the Wedd vGobo app in 2017. This app allows dealers and customers alike to project more than 20 of Apollo's most popular wedding templates on the floor or wall of a venue and features real-time customization helping our Dealers, end users, wedding designers and event planners

Apollo Design® is committed to giving their dealers and customers the finest products available. As illustrated by the PrintScenic™ and iGobo redesigns, Apollo continues to be steadfast in its commitment to continually improve its product line and procedures.

The Apollo team consists of great people creating great products for great customers.