Owners, IT, Accounting, Prodution, Maintenance, Managment Represented Here
From Left to Right, Front Row to Back: Melissa Irk, Brenda Walters, Tammy, Paul; Ben Melvin, Lisa Reader, Bill Harrison, Joel Nichols, Keersten Nichols, David Stauss.

Chapter 16: The One Where Apollo Employees Hang Around

Apollo History Blog Series

In an age where the average employee stays with an organization for 4.2 years, Apollo's workforce is exceptionally loyal.

The Art Depart Is Represented Here
From Left to Right, Front Row to Back: Kristine Forbing, Tracie Schmidt; Marla Lauer, Alexis Miller, Tracy Ginther, Phil Harber, Paul Cook, Alissa Knepple
Shipping and Customer Care are Represented Here
From Left to Right, Front Row to Back: Mary Harrison, Jeff Peterson, Brandi Hite; Scott Holbrook, Ken Knepple, Brett Zellers, Martin Evans
This Photo Represents those over 10 years from Outside Sales.
From Left to Right: Rita Lafavour, Keith Kankovsky, Milad Khouli

At present, 9 employees have observed their 20-25-year career anniversary, 13 others have logged 15-20 years, and 6 people have 10-14 years of Apollo work experience. That's a mind-blowing 492 years of Apollo experience just with these 28 employees!

How is that possible? Known for hiring the right people for the job, co-owner and HR Manager, Keersten Nichols, shares that she searches for individuals who excel in life personally and professionally and enjoy their work. "It is very important to me to fit people to jobs that match how they like to work."

Apollo employees are encouraged to grow in their roles, taking on new responsibilities and developing new and better ways to do their jobs. Likewise, Apollo fosters a team mentality. Everyone works together for the common interest, and cross-training is encouraged.

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