Chapter 17: The One Where the Kaizen Approach Continues

Apollo History Blog Series

Eternally optimistic with a keen eye for sensing market changes, Joel and Keersten look forward to leading the Apollo Design® team forward with unique, niche products in the theater, entertainment, corporate event, and theme park lighting markets.

“The only way to differentiate ourselves is by our people, our customer service, and our responsiveness to our client’s needs,” Joel asserts. “Our dealers and customers are wonderfully unique and challenging in what they give us to do every day. It’s their partnership and willingness to challenge how we do things and how we perform that makes us a better company.”

The Apollo team manufactured a record number of new-to-market lighting products for specific applications in theme parks, the grow light industry, and other industries in 2017. AVID Labs® and Apollo look forward to solving your lighting challenges. No project is too big or too small.

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