4130 Fourier Drive With Expansion
4130 Fourier Drive With Expansion

Chapter 9: The One Where Apollo Expands

Apollo History Blog Series

Six years after building Apollo’s new facility, additional office and manufacturing space was added bringing the total to its present 31,000-square-feet.

By 2006, their need for inventory on popular items like the Apollo Smart Move® family of rotators and Apollo Smart Color® scrollers had grown significantly, further securing their place as a top provider of all things gobo, gel, rotator, and scroller.

With a larger facility and cohesive workforce in place, Apollo was poised to meet the ever-changing industry needs and requirements for existing, new, and improved products.

Apollo’s Management, Customer Care, Art, Marketing, Accounting, IT, and Production Departments had developed into a fierce partnership, coordinating their roles to best serve the industry. The end game wasn’t to make life easier for themselves, but rather to improve the Apollo experience at all levels for their dealers and customers.