As has been the case for the last several years, Clearwing Productions held an exhibitor trade show at their new 94,000 square foot warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona.

The impressive warehouse offers space for each division of Clearwing, from production services to equipment sales, product repair to systems integration, and rental gear to trucking — this huge building houses it all.

With over 200 employees from Milwaukee, Phoenix, Denver, and San Diego, the show offered opportunities for customers to interact with Clearwing staff and manufacturers. Manufacturers spent individual time demonstrating products with staff from each location.

The AVERE 4UV® and SpotFX® mounted on a pole in front of Apollo’s booth made it convenient to demonstrate the fixtures. Apollo Gobos were on display throughout the Expo, providing directional signs, as well as those adding a theatrical flair.

Over 600 attendees registered for the event, which provided a constant flow of visitors during the seven-hour event. These visitors represented corporate clients, rental partners, students, teachers, house of worship technical directors, architects, and others.

Clearwing Founder and CEO Gregg Brunclik introduced his successor, Jeffrey Van Straten, as the new CEO to lead the company into the next phase of growth.

Gregg has nine children, three working at Clearwing, and three still living at home. Between his kids and grandkids, Gregg admitted it was time to back away and spend time with his family. Gregg commented he’s had a great ride with the creation and growth of Clearwing and has enjoyed watching the successes of his project over the years, and Apollo has been an essential part of that success.

Clearwing Pro Shop manager Dane Horner was present at the Apollo booth throughout the day with groups of visitors, heaping praises upon the entire Apollo team and Brett in particular, for the incredible customer service and product quality provided to them.

Dane stressed that Apollo is Clearwing’s obvious first choice for all things gobo related, and their retail showrooms stock various Apollo standard patterns as well as Little Focus wrenches.

Plenty of help during setup by employees reminded me once again that Clearwing is a truly valued dealer.

As always, we’re here to serve our Dealers. Contact Keith and the rest of Apollo’s Sales and Customer Service Reps at

ABOUT THE PHOTOS: Apollo Gobos used to good — and humorous — effect in the warehouse during the Expo. At the same time, the AVERE 4UV and SpotFX are mounted on the yellow pole beside Apollo’s booth for demonstrations.