Shane and Angie Delagrange enjoyed a trip to Arizona.
Shane and Angie Delagrange enjoyed a trip to Arizona.

Shane Delagrange celebrates year 4 at Apollo. He’s worked as a Printer & Laser Operator, CNC Machine & Lathe Operator, Forklift Operator, and Shipping Coordinator.

Shane’s favorite position is as Shipping Coordinator, he says, “due to the variety it offers: forklift, packing, working in NetSuite, receiving shipments, etc. I’ve also been able to help in other departments, as needed.”

“Last year, 2017, was the most interesting year I have had at any company,” continued Shane. “It started out with the opportunity to learn how to operate a CNC machine and lathe, then I helped assemble lights for a major theme park. The year ended with printing and cutting a product line and my wife Angela leaving Apollo to pursue her career as a Purchasing Manager.”

Outside of work, Shane offered, “I enjoy hiking, weightlifting, biking, travel, and trying new foods.”

In the future, Shane would like travel to include ancient historical sites; he’s interested in studying the beginnings of mankind. He also states, “I have always been driven to make the most out of life. I believe that I can make a difference in the world by being a positive influence on those around me. There’s already too much negativity in the world, so I try to be positive as much as possible.”

Shane, you’re definitely a positive influence on your Apollo colleagues. We find you positively inspiring!

Lisa and Scott Reader enjoy traveling together.
Lisa and Scott Reader enjoy traveling together.

Lisa Reader joined the ranks of Apollo in 2003. She first worked as Accounting Clerk and presently oversees Accounts Payable.

When asked what she enjoys most, she readily responds, “Accounts Payable. Not only do I pay the bills, but I also play a big part in the planning of employee events and parties at Apollo.”

When she first joined Apollo, she marveled at the positive work environment. “I couldn’t get over the family atmosphere – and not just because I had several family members working here,” she laughs. “Everyone was so welcoming.”

Lisa appreciates her co-workers, as well as the flexibility she has within her role. “I really enjoy my job and the people I work with so getting up in the morning is easy for me.”

Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling and lounging by the pool on a sunny day.

Lisa, we really enjoy you and your sunny disposition! Your events and parties are fantastic, too.