Senior Sales Manager for DFX Sound Vision, Gil Mason-Butch, shares pictures of a project at SAP and the following details:

“The shapes are from two gobo projecting fixtures, using a three-facet prism to expand the pattern. We put all of those tiny gobos I ordered last week into those fixtures and used the Lumoil Cyan and Lumoil Magenta pattern for this effect. And then, we have that Custom SuperResolution® Glass Gobo of the SAP logo from a standard S4 Leko."

“There are also six 40” LED bars uplighting a similar purple-blue pattern. The color on the wall is 50% your gobos and 50% LED uplight.”

In addition to the SAP Custom Gobo, the complex pattern was created using two each of the following Apollo Gobos:

Thank you, Gil, for sending these photos and details of your recent lighting project. We look forward to working with you again soon!