February Anniversaries at Apollo Design®

We're celebrating 73 years of work service anniversaries between five people this month.

Mike, Tammy, Aiden (12 yrs), Landon (12 yrs), and Amelia (9 yrs) Paul.
Mike, Tammy, Aiden (12 yrs), Landon (12 yrs), and Amelia (9 yrs) Paul.

For the past 19 years, Tammy Paul, aka The Excel Queen, has expertly served Apollo's Accounting Department.

Over the years, Tammy has held positions in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Manager, Accounting Supervisor, and Accounting Manager. For a brief time, she even worked in Production for a particular project. "The entire team here really rolls up their sleeves and pitch in no matter what their duties may be whenever help is needed."

Her favorite position is the one she presently holds as Accounting Manager. "This position lets me help in all areas of the company. I have some great employees on my team."

When asked how Tammy first learned about Apollo, she shared, "My husband was Joel Nichols' flight instructor. (Joel is the Co-Owner of Apollo.) I had never heard of Apollo until my husband asked me to pick Joel up and drive them 30 miles north due to fog coming in. They diverted to Fort Wayne Airport, and I was already in bed for the night. I told my husband, 'Sure, but I am showing up in my sweats, and my makeup is off. You get what you get!' I talked to Joel about his company, and he asked what I did. Before you knew it, I was putting in my resume the next day!"

When she isn't at Apollo, Tammy's part-time job is Taxi Mom. Running her three kids to their sports activities takes up most of her free time. She also likes to crochet and craft homemade items while waiting for her children to finish their practices. Her family is very involved in their church. Tammy helps plan the summer Vacation Bible School for the community and teaches Sunday School. She enjoys going to concerts and plays, and already has tickets for a Maroon 5 concert this fall.

Ben Melvin

Ben Melvin and Joel Nichols have known each other for a long time. They worked together at a steel mill in Fort Wayne long before the idea of Apollo Design® was conceived.

Fifteen years ago, Ben joined the team as Glass Department Manager. Two and a half years later, he became Apollo's Facility Manager, a position he still holds.

Ben recently shared, "I enjoy the challenges of my job and the variety that comes with my responsibilities. It's all about the customer and customer service. We view our customers as an asset and are always striving to improve."

Apollo has been a family affair for the Melvins. At one time or another, his wife, twin daughters, and a brother have worked for Apollo.

Outside of work, Ben enjoys time with his growing family. "My wife and I became grandparents last year," he beams. He also enjoys an annual fishing trip to Canada with good friends and motorcycle road trips.

When asked what gives him a purpose in life, Ben confidently responds, "God gives me purpose. It's the way I'm wired."

Brenda and Jeff Walters.
Brenda and Jeff Walters.

Brenda Walters started working for Apollo 15 years ago, as well. Interestingly, she and Ben Melvin share the same first day of work, February 17.

Claiming that a good cup of coffee is essential to the start of her day, she thrives on doing her best whatever the situation. Brenda serves in Accounts Receivable and Collections. She appreciates how her Accounts Receivable role keeps the cash flow coming into Apollo, and how it helps our Dealers obtain what they need. In addition to Apollo, Brenda also performs Accounts Receivable functions for AVID Labs® and Blue Pony.

In her Collections position, she gets to hear some wild and crazy reasons for payment delays. "It never gets dull, and it keeps my job interesting, to say the least, along with a chuckle or two."

In her spare time, Brenda enjoys yard sales, relaxing with a good book, and spending time with close friends and family. One of her favorite Apollo memories is when the CFO treated the accounting department to Christmas dinner and local winery visit. She picked them up in a limo during a snowstorm.

Brenda beams, "We are one big family! Apollo is an AWESOME Place to work!"

Phil Harber and former University of Notre Dame football coach, Lou Holtz.
Phil Harber and former University of Notre Dame football coach, Lou Holtz.

Phil Harber, Graphic Designer, came on board 14 years ago. He relishes the challenge to bring to life a customer's vision whether it's a small party or a national sporting event.

"Being a designer, I have always enjoyed art," mused Phil. "I create pencil sketches of athletes in my free time (mainly of hockey players). I also enjoy collecting sports memorabilia. Right now, I’m collecting autographs from the University of Notre Dame Football teams of the past. I have about 50 autographs of players from the 50s to the 90s. The biggest thrill I have had in my collecting was when I had the opportunity to meet legendary coach Lou Holtz."

Phil appreciates the comradery at Apollo Design. "The Apollo family has always been there for me, whether it has been a dark day of losing a family member or celebrating the holidays with a great party."

Rachel Arroyo and her three grandchildren, Alexis, Avianna, and Lucas.
Rachel Arroyo and her three grandchildren, Alexis, Avianna, and Lucas.

Rachel Arroyo has faithfully served as Customer Service Representative in inside sales for a decade.

Rachel started out as Apollo's Customer Care — International Rep but now works with just as many U.S. dealers. When asked what she most enjoys about her position, Rachel readily answers, "My customers and co-workers."

She first learned about Apollo through a mutual friend of Apollo's International Senior Account Executive.

When not at work, Rachel loves spending time with her grandkids at their activities. They are her pride and joy.