Aliss Knepple with her two Sons Tim and Devon
Left to Right: Tim, Alissa, and Devon Knepple.

If you've called Apollo in recent history, chances are you've spoken to "the voice of Apollo," Alissa Knepple. During her 17 years of employment, Alissa has worked as Receptionist and Graphic Artist. Even today, she assists the Art Department during their busy seasons.

Alissa first learned about Apollo from owners Joel and Keersten Nichols through their connection at church.

When Alissa isn't at the office or church, she can be found at her children's sporting events, finishing projects around their home, or enjoying farm life.

When asked what she enjoys most about her role, Alissa answers, "The people – and there are always different things to do."

Of course, she would respond with "the people." She met her husband Ken Knepple while working at Apollo. Ken still works in the same building as Alissa but serves as Technical Director for our sister company Blue Pony.

Alissa, we're so glad that Apollo is part of your "happily ever after" story because you are part of ours.

Dane & Emily Naghy at Chitzen Itza in the Yucatan Penninsula
Dane and Emily Nagy pose in front of Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan.

Joining us a year ago, Dane Nagy serves as Web Developer/Designer and IT Specialist.

His favorite position is Web Developer as it allows him to be creative and make changes that are impactful for all stakeholders from users, fellow employees, and the business in general. Dane's job responsibilities allow him to problem-solve on a daily basis while learning new things.

"I love being able to find that hidden piece of knowledge that makes everything click and solves a hard problem," shares Dane.

When asked about his first day on the job, Dane recalls, "I was assigned a workstation, introduced to everyone, and shown our web presence and its administration. I remember feeling that everyone seemed comfortable in their skin and that they were nice and helpful. They all seemed self-assured in what they were doing."

Dane's passion for making a positive impact on his family and understanding the world more profoundly drives him to succeed, as does having a good time along the way. Dane shared one of his favorite memories of this past year:

I will never forget a conversation with Bill Harrison, Apollo IT Specialist. We were discussing how some people like to be very precise in communicating and others like to be ambiguous. Bob Kartman, Apollo and AVID Labs® Mechanical Engineer, came in while we were talking. and Bill asked, “Does ambiguity bother you?” to which Bob replied, “Mmm, maybe?” We all laughed so hard that we were red in the face.

In his free time, Dane enjoys kayaking, reading, tracking animals, and woodworking. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Emily, playing games and watching movies.

We enjoy spending time with Dane in the office. His confident yet laid-back approach to his work has already yielded impressive results on our websites and computerized machinery.

Dave Stauss
Dave Stauss

Celebrating a decade with Apollo, Dave Stauss serves as newly appointed Assembly Supervisor.

Dave began his career as Technical Development Assistant, as well as Research and Development. When Apollo started doing more product assembly in-house, Dave assembled and tested those products. He became the lead when the Assembly Department became a department.

Today, Apollo's Assembly Department is the busiest ever. In addition to supervising the assembly of products and quality control, Dave continues to do equipment repairs and tech support.

"I have always liked being in assembly," reports Dave. "I enjoy building things."

In his spare time, he likes mountain biking and trail riding, although time doesn’t allow for much of it these days. With two young children, he spends more time with them and LEGOs, which he thoroughly enjoys. "We're currently building the NASA Apollo Saturn V set."

Dave first met members of the Apollo team at LDI, Orlando, in 2003. Years later, he was visiting Apollo's redesigned website and sent in his resume.

"Tuesday, I got a call from HR," shares Dave. "Wednesday, I interviewed. Thursday, I completed a personality profile. Friday, I accepted an offer. And Monday, I started working for Apollo. Here I am 10 years later."

"I was immediately struck by the atmosphere at Apollo. It was fun, laidback, and very friendly. That is something that has not changed," adds Dave.

Apollo prides itself on finding the right individual for the right job. Dave, we're so glad we found you! You've been a great fit.