Apollo Gobo ME-2454 Aztec Lace projected on an 8-foot sphere creates a stunning visual display at the Moksha Arts Collective.

Lighting Design Principal Timothy Brenden Stout of Lumamerica, LLC, has been illuminating events and providing stage lighting equipment in Naples, Miami, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas since 1988.

Apollo Dealer Miami Stagecraft, Inc. keeps Tim supplied with Apollo Gobos and other products needed for his social, wedding, and corporate events.

“Tim has been a long-standing customer of Miami Stagecraft and has some creative ideas for projecting gobos. He takes great pride in the color, clarity, and overall result of the image,” shares Andrew Martin, Co-Owner of Miami Stagecraft.

Tim recently shared some of his favorite Apollo Gobos installs at live events. Enjoy!

Apollo Gobo ME2279 Caviar creates an invigorating ambient up-lighting scene at a wedding reception held at Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach.
Apollo Gobo ME-2232 Breakup Rose Swirl – Medium created brand lighting for a Johnnie Walker Fusion Lifestyle Event at Dot Fiftyone Gallery in Miami.
Apollo Gobos T. Slauson – Fleur-de-Gras and a Custom Gobo projected on the Coral Gables Museum for an annual Miami New Times Artopia community event.
Apollo Custom Gobo “Florida Orange Blossom” was created by Timothy Stout for the Absolut Miami launch with DJ Ross One at Fountainebleau® Miami Beach.
Apollo Gobo ME-2004 Persian Lace lights up a doctor’s residence in Naples for a Halloween party.
Apollo Gobo ME-3333 Frilly Hearts adorns the exterior of a doctor’s residence in Miami for a Valentine’s Day Social.
Apollo gobo ME-2400 Daisy Wheel lights up the stage tent ceiling at the 2nd Annual Pelagic Shamrock Shootout at Sailfish Marina in Palm Beach. The gobo spun in a moving head of a Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375Z.