DesignScapes® is proud to announce its new Designer Series featuring 25 Tom Park Photography and 3 Talitha Shipman Illustrations.

These exclusive images have been compiled to form a new DesignScapes® Designer Series. Just for you!

We first discovered Tom’s stunning underwater photography on Instagram. We fell head over fins for his keen eye for detail and positive approach to life above and below the blue line. He’s a top bloke, mate.

Talitha is well-known inside and outside the walls of Apollo Design®. Before going on her own as an illustrator, Talitha worked as a visual media designer for Apollo’s sister company, Blue Pony. We’re proud to represent her work on DesignScapes®.

We think you’re going to love these artists and the creativity they bring to your standard fluorescent ceiling lights.

DesignScapes® is available in more than 380 scenic and solid standard images. Not only do these decorative fluorescent light covers look incredible, but they also may reduce headaches and eye strain caused by harsh fluorescent lights.

DesignScapes® install in minutes making it convenient to change out images for holidays and events. Free shipping is available on orders of 4 or more, along with a 10% discount.

Apollo Design® remains committed to bringing you creative solutions to all your lighting needs, including our DesignScapes® division.

Left to Right: T. Park Turtle Fin & T. Park Feeding Ray
Left to Right: T. Park Octopus & T. Park Tiger Shark 2
Tom Park
Tom Park

Tom Park is an Australian photographer who grew up in Sydney. He combines his background where he was raised by sharks with his passion for photography, creating breathtaking wildlife and landscape images above and below the water. Tom's clients stem from local-owned diving businesses and tourism boards in Hawaii and on the East Coast of Australia, to global corporations such as TUSA International.

Tom loves to work with magazines, where his work has been published in international adventure, travel, and underwater magazines. While he would love to call himself a professional underwater and landscape photographer, Tom would prefer that his images and videos did the talking.

Monky In The JungleSeahorseToucan In The Jungle
From Left to Right: T. Shipman Monkey in Jungle, T. Shipman Seahorse & T. Shipman Toucan in Jungle
Talitha Shipman
Talitha Shipman

Talitha Shipman is an award-winning children's illustrator. Talitha's specialties include book, greeting card, and editorial illustration. She loves to paint lively and colorful scenes featuring animals and kids. She lives with her husband and daughter in Fort Wayne, Indiana.