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Protocol Highlights Apollo Design® Products


Karl Ruling, Technical Standards Manager for ESTA, wrote the following excerpt on Apollo Design® which appears in the most recent Protocol magazine:

Joel Nichols at Apollo Design® showed me the GoboPro+ LED Outdoor Profile, a unit with light output about the same as the Image Spot and without DMX512 control, but with rotating gobos and an IP65 rating. The product literature says there are 3,400 gobos available in the Apollo Gobo Collection, but 100 more have been added, so there are now 3,500 to choose from.

Three-thousand five hundred gobos—no Apollo dealer can stock that many. They usually order what they need for their customers as they need them from Apollo for delivery overnight or in two days— and this is the model Nichols sees as the future for color filters. He showed me the results of his company’s experiments with “print on demand” gels. The early attempts created a diffused surface, but successive experiments led to a method of producing durable, clear, colored filters that can be produced in-house at Apollo in Ft. Wayne, IN. The market for color filters is shrinking, but the people who need them still need them. This is a way to supply the market’s needs without high inventory costs.

Thank you, Karl, for the kind write-up!

To read the complete article, USITT Stage Expo: Fun Out of the Sun, visit page 98 at

Image of Crystal Gonzales, David Stauss, Joel Nichols, and Melissa Irk behind Apollo Booth at USITT Stage Expo
Pictured Left to Right: Crystal Gonzales, David Stauss, Joel Nichols, and Melissa Irk

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