Amanda Ditch’s father, Andy Shick, owned and operated ADS Lighting until his untimely death in 2014.

Andy helped shape the wedding lighting world in Pittsburgh, using Apollo Gobos and other products. Amanda loved helping him with events, where they enjoyed a close relationship.

Amanda adopted her father's motto, "Ever Forward," and shared that it helped her complete nursing school. The last time she saw him alive was at her graduation.

She entered the nursing field in the wake of his absence, but her heart wasn’t entirely in her work. She missed lighting up Pittsburgh events.

EF Lighting (External Link) – which stands for Ever Forward – was born. Amanda and her husband, Mike, began their lighting business as a side job in honor of Andy as a means to bring joy back into their lives.

Pittsburgh welcomed EF Lighting with open arms, and business exploded.

Last year, Amanda left her nursing position. They both now do events full-time.

It’s been the greatest joy of Amanda’s life as she found her passion again after the loss of her father.

Amanda claims that working with lights has gotten her out of the darkness.

Amanda, Apollo Design® is honored to play a role in your lighting designs, just as we were with your father. Andy was well-loved and deeply missed. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures of Apollo Products in Use.

This Apollo Gobo, Snowflake Fall (now) ME-3241, was part of Andy’s Apollo Gobo collection and is pictured in use below.
EF Lighting is proud to create lighting designs for weddings and other events across Pittsburgh using Apollo Standard Gobos, Custom Gobos, and Custom Wedding Gobo Templates.