An Apollo GoboPro+ was used at a midwestern hospital to project the keystoned Custom “STOP” Gobo onto the floor.

The improved Apollo GoboPro+ was recently installed at the entrance of a surgical wing in a midwestern hospital to warn hospital personnel and guests who may miss the sign located on the ceiling.

The Custom Apollo Gobo was keystoned to account for the wall-mounted GoboPro+ location. The “before and after” photos below show how keystoning corrects a skewed image and resulting blurriness.

“The improved GoboPro+ with 120 watts of power made a nice contrast even with all the natural ambient light in the area,” reports Apollo Sales Director Will Linnemeir.

The Apollo GoboPro+ 120W LED Outdoor Profile replaces the earlier 75W version.

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Top: The Custom “STOP” Gobo before keystoning. Bottom: Correctly sized for an angled projection, the keystoned Custom “STOP” Gobo is ready to increase attention to its entry point.