Drs. Maria and Jeff Rapp, pictured above, love their new Kids’ Room. “We can turn kids loose in here while their parents are getting adjusted and then adjust the kids in their own space,” shares Maria.

Voted Best Chiropractor in Salina, Kansas, Dr. Maria Rapp, co-owner of Chiropractic Wellness Center, ordered 16 DesignScapes® to create a ceiling mural with their standard fluorescent lights.

“We have so many kids who see these and say the name of their pet when they see the lights! They lay so much more still while I work on them because they can watch the animals. I have one toddler who starts meowing as soon as he gets near the kid space,” chuckled Maria.

Maria and chiropractor-husband Jeff opened their new location on January 28 with shout-outs on Facebook and Instagram for DesignScapes® decorative fluorescent light covers with pictures of their child-friendly selections:

Maria selected a variety of open skies, trees, and adorable animals to warm up their new digs.

“When our adult patients are being adjusted, they have a relaxing view of trees and clouds right above the table where they lay,” explains Maria.

“Our therapy area has a beach theme so patients can transport themselves while they are receiving treatment,” she continues. “We even opened up a narrow hallway leading to our acupuncture rooms with a sky view.”

We love what we do at Apollo DesignScapes® because of the joy and relief it brings to our customers and their clients. Because self-care is a priority, not a luxury.

The good people at Chiropractic Wellness Center get it. And they understand the vital role lighting plays in alleviating stress and lifting moods, even for their tiniest patients.

“We have been in practice for 27 years, so we know what works,” Maria shares. “From a health perspective, fluorescent lighting can be a trigger and an aggravator of headaches, especially migraines. DesignScapes® are a less expensive way to soften the harshness of the lighting without the expense of having to replace the lighting.”

Apollo would love to help you create the ideal environment for your practice or office space.

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