How long have you been an Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. customer?

Answer- We have been working with Apollo since 1998.

How did you first learn about Apollo Design®?

Answer- We were approached by Apollo at the annual Montreal Pro Audio Trade Show.

How would you describe Apollo’s customer service?

Answer- Customer service is what makes Apollo the choice for our custom gobos. Apollo’s service and quality fabrication have always been beyond our expectations.

How would you characterize the quality, availability, and delivery time for Apollo Design® products and services?

Answer- Time is of the essence in the entertainment industry, and Apollo knows this. Never have they not delivered on expected dates. Even RUSH orders are always on time and given ETA’s are very accurate.

What is your favorite Apollo product and why?

Answer- Gobos. That’s what they do, and they do it well. The art department is great to work with as they always know what’s needed for the best projection results.

Please tell us about your relationship with your Apollo Sales Rep?

Answer- Our relationship is ‘’straight to the point.’’ Rachel Arroyo, Apollo Customer Care Representative, is always one step ahead of us and really cares about the result we try to achieve. Detail oriented and very precise in her communications; we just can’t go wrong.

Other comments:

Answer- Apollo has always gone out of their way on our behalf. I do remember an issue with some full-color high-res gobos for one of our city’s biggest winter events. When we mentioned our concern about the result, Apollo went out of its way to redo the gobos at no charge. Now that’s what I call service!