The One Where Apollo is Very Well Known in Japan

Customer Interview with H ITO & COMPANY LTD., Japan

How long have you been an Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. customer?


Since 1997.


How did you first learn about Apollo Design®?


At the LDI Show in 1997.


How would you describe Apollo’s customer service?


Very reliable and prompt service.


How would you characterize the quality, availability, and delivery time for Apollo Design® products and services?


It is so great and beyond expression. We sell Apollo Design products with full confidence in Japan, thanks to great service and high quality.


What is your favorite Apollo product and why?


Gobo: Great quality and service. Apollo Smart Move®: Durability in severe conditions and longevity in the market.


Please tell us about your relationship with your Apollo Sales Rep?


Our Apollo Sales Representative is very much reliable. Our Sales Rep always helps and supports us in every situation. Even though the time zone is so different and the distance is so far away, we feel that we are in the same time zone and area.


Other comments:  

Apollo products are very well-known products in Japan thanks to your high-quality products and generous customer service and support. We look forward to continuing the fine relationship we have enjoyed to date. We very much enjoyed having had the chance to join a blog series for Apollo’s 25th Anniversary. 


Thank you, HITO & COMPANY LTD, for spending time with us during our 25th Anniversary Celebration. It is an honor to provide high quality products and to serve you. We look forward to continuing our fine relationship, as well!