Apollo logo with '25th Anniversary'
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Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. officially launched in January 1992, from the basement of Joel and Keersten Nichols’ 900-square-foot home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. During the remainder of this year, Apollo Design® will share highlights of their journey with you, interviews of its employees and a few Apollo dealers, and blogs from their earlier days. We hope you’ll enjoy these walks down memory lane as much as Apollo Design® has enjoyed these 25 years!

Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. mission and value statements reflect their continued commitment to you:


Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. is focused on brilliant lighting solutions. We collaborate with clients to create and execute the most effective and appropriate lighting for their events and business needs. Our expertise is in consultation that inspires and delivers intriguing effects.


Design, Creativity, Innovation, and Service are the values that set us apart.