The One Where Customers Love Apollo’s Standard Gobos

Customer Interview with MAGNUM

How long have you been an Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. customer?

I think we started buying the standard gobos pretty much when Apollo started. Apollo had new and different designs, and our customers loved them.

How did you first learn about Apollo Design®?

I believe we first met at LDI, maybe in Orlando?

How would you describe Apollo’s customer service?

Apollo’s Customer Service has always been great! They immediately acknowledge when they receive a PO which is great! I think Apollo has been built on customer service and it shows all the way down the line.

How would you characterize the quality, availability, and delivery time for Apollo Design® products and services?

Turnaround time is usually always good, and if you don’t have something in stock, you let us know when to expect it.

What is your favorite Apollo product and why?

I would have to say the standard gobos. I always know when a client is looking for a standard that is something out of the ordinary. Apollo usually has something that will fit the need.

Please tell us about your relationship with your Apollo Sales Rep?

I can’t remember the first time I talked to Mary. She always has a giggle in her voice (I don’t think she ever has a bad day). She knows what you are looking for and is happy and quick to answer.

Other comments:

We used effects wheels and custom gobos for the Georgia Aquarium Dolphin Exhibit in 2006. The Apollo team worked to make sure we had the correct equipment that would be used in an exposed water atmosphere.

Thank you for your kind words, MAGNUM. Everyone at Apollo appreciates Mary. She's been here almost 20 amazing years. We happen to think you’re pretty great, too!