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Tuesday Curran (Anderson) Southwick, Barbizon (Charlotte/Atlanta Area) - Guest Blogger

The 25th Anniversary of Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. reminds me of the time I submitted an entry to Apollo’s 2006 Creative Use of Gel Campaign and won. I was a lighting design student at San Diego State University at the time. It was a project I made on the floor of my studio apartment for the lobby of an arts high school. I was even invited by Apollo to model for a day for a magazine advertisement. It was great fun and harder than I anticipated.

The contest created job opportunities for me. I worked as a lighting designer for the photography studio hired to shoot the magazine "gel campaign" photos, and as the administrative assistant for the photographer. 

It was another strange situation when the prize was a trip to USITT in Arizona. By this time, I lived in Arizona and had started my career with Barbizon, where I still work. 

Apollo was a part of my life back in 2006 and is still a daily word spoken today in 2017. Thank you for being a great partner to the lighting world.