Headshot of Melissa Irk
Melissa Irk, Business Operations Manager

The One Where Melissa Loves Beautifully Projected Pictures

Staff Interview with MELISSA IRK, Business Operations Manager

How has Apollo Design® Technology adapted to industry changes?

Over the years, we have started to become more of a “lighting solutions” company. Our customers come to us when there is an issue they need solved, helped with, etc. What hasn’t changed is our passion for Customer Service.

What have been some of your favorite office memories, positions, products, tradeshows, etc. during your time at Apollo?

I love USITT trade shows and the passion the students have for the profession they are studying. I enjoy watching how eager they are to learn about our products and how they could use them in the future.

One of my favorite products is our ColourScenic® glass gobos. Seeing beautiful photographs projected never gets old.

I have held multiple positions in sales and marketing, but truly love the role I am in now as a Business Operations Manager. I get to work with all departments to complete product launches, process improvements, internal software enhancements, and more. Each day is different and always full.

What is your favorite thing to reveal to people when they're first getting acquainted with Apollo Design®?

How friendly and laid back we are. We strive to have excellent internal customer service so we can have great external customer service.

What’s the best part of celebrating Apollo Design® Technology’s 25th Anniversary?

It’s so much fun going down memory lane and again realizing what a great team we have!