The One Where Tracie Colors in Her Office

Staff Interview with TRACIE SCHMIDT, Art Director

Tell us about your favorite project to date?

That is top secret—I can’t talk about it. ;) Just kidding. I really enjoyed making the “pop cards” Apollo sent out one Christmas. I also enjoyed creating the metal puzzles and testing all the material.

What do you draw upon for inspiration in your work?

Everything. When I’m out and about with family and friends, I will see something that sparks an idea. I usually take a picture of it so that I can work on it later.

What do you like best about Apollo Design®? Your job?

I get to do new things every day. One day I might be doing artwork, the next day I am putting a puzzle together. I am currently coloring in my office as a test for a product. ;) I know my job is awesome. It’s fun and exciting!