Brandi Hite

The One Where Brandi SCORES Fun Times

Staff Interview with BRANDI HITE, Customer Care Manager

How do you and your team maintain a customer-centered approach at Apollo?


I have been thinking about this and, with my 17 years of experience at Apollo Design®, there are so many ways we maintain a customer focus. I always stress to my team the importance of our clients. They are what make us Apollo. Without them, we don’t exist. 


Our customers will always be our #1 focus.  We focus on continually building positive relationships. We look for new ways to make it easy for them to do business with us—because making things efficient for us doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy for our customers. Our policy is to return phone calls and emails promptly. Doing these things well will hopefully make them want to come back to Apollo.


What customer-focused endeavor stands out to you?


A couple of months ago we did a campaign where if the dealer mentioned the word SCORE on the purchase order or in their email they were entered for a chance to win a pizza party for their team. Oh, my! Our dealers had a blast! It was fun to watch this unfold. The dealer that was most creative with their word SCORE didn’t win the pizza party; however, they did receive Cookie Cottage cookies for being the most creative. We had to recognize their effort.


How does your team support each other?


Our department is not commission based. We help each other with orders, especially when someone is out of the office or even at lunch. If a rush order comes in when a rep is at lunch, for instance, it goes to whomever can get it processed right away. We have a great working relationship!