One of the Owners of Uttara Yoga
Jill Loftis shares about the benefits of yoga on Uttara Yoga Studio’s Facebook Page.

Uttara Yoga Studio recently moved to a new location in Roanoke, Virginia.

With Uttara’s focus on holistic health, Owner Jill Loftis set out to create a safe place for her clients to grow. One thing that needed to be addressed early on was the over-powering fluorescent ceiling lights.

Jill discovered Apollo gel and selected Golden Amber to keep the space calm and relaxing.

“We used Apollo gel to create this lovely warm light in our yoga studio. We don't often use overhead light,” shares Jill, “but in those times when we need more illumination it gives a lovely glow to the room versus the harsh fluorescent lights.”

Apollo also offers Golden Amber Apollo GelWrap™, a fluorescent light cover that readily wraps itself around any size fluorescent or LED tube in fixtures such as a low-profile strip light.

Golden Amber displayed in the gel book.
Golden Amber Tube Color along with an assortment fo gel colors