Gobo Love Scrabble Letter Blocks

We're in Love, We're in Love, and We Don't Care Who Knows It!

If there's one thing Apollo Design® loves, it's gobos. Custom Gobos. Metal Gobos. 1-Color Gobos. 2-Color Gobos. SuperResolution® Gobos. PrintScenic® Gobos. ColourScenic® Gobos.

We just can't get enough of them!

Apollo's accomplished elves are waiting in the wings to assist you in creating a spectacular event, production, or architectural statement. Contact your authorized Apollo Dealer or Apollo Sales Representative for details.

Scroll down for descriptions of each type of Gobo.

What's your favorite custom or gobo standard? We have so many gobos that we adore, but here are a few of them.

Goodwin Lighting Disco Themed Event
Any event is more memorable with a gobo. Just check out what Goodwin Lighting created using Apollo standard and custom gobos for their Studio 54 party.

Not Certain Which Gobo Type You Need?

Apollo manufacturers a variety of gobos to fit every budget and lighting design application - architectural, themed environment, and entertainment/theater. Apollo gobo life ranges from approximately 70 to 400+ hours.1

Metal2: Apollo's Metal Gobos are rated for 100+ hours and are made from 8 mils stainless steel.1 Adding a filter for color is always an option.

PrintScenic® Plastic2 and PrintScenic® Glass2: Printed gobos are available in color, gradients of color, black and white, and grayscale. PrintScenic® Plastic Gobos have a life expectancy of 70-80 hours, and PrintScenic® Glass Gobos 300-400 hours.1

Contact your Apollo Customer Care Representative to find out if the pattern and gobo size you need is available as a PrintScenic® gobo. PrintScenic® gobos are for use in approved LED fixtures only.

SuperResolution® Glass2: Photograph and graphics are laser-etched in black and white, and grayscale. Apollo's SuperResolution® line of gobos have a life expectancy of 400+ hours.1

1-Color Glass2: Apollo's 1-Color Gobos are available in color and gradients of color. It also has a life range of 400+ hours.1

2-Color Glass2: 2-Color Gobos are available in color and gradients of color and have a life expectancy of 400+ hours.1 Please note that black is a color.

ColourScenic® Glass2: Manufactured in color and color gradients on glass, ColourScenic® is Apollo's top of the line gobo. It's rated for 400+ hours.1

Pao Manama Project New Zealand
Pao Manama Project, Auckland International Airport, by Kenderdine Electrical, New Zealand.
Bay Stage Ligthing Logo
We loved making this Custom Gobo for our friends at Bay Stage Live.