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Metal - Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Browse through Apollo's extensive metal gobo collection. We have over 1700 metal patterns now available both in Stainless Steel and Aluminum!

Aluminum gobos by Apollo Design are the next step in our continuing innovation to bring you the best gobos in the indusrty.

Aluminum gobos offer excellent heat dissipation and and a longer life span than traditional stainless steel gobos.

Apollo Aluminum gobos are .016" and are available in all sizes dependent on the pattern's level of detail and gobo size.

Make your favorite pattern into an Aluminum gobo today!

Where to Buy Apollo Products?

Apollo products are sold exclusively through our network of authorized dealers. To purchase Apollo product use our Cart2Quote system by adding a product to your quote where you can select one of our authorized dealers to send your quote to. Or contact an authorized dealer directly. For more information on Cart2Quote read our tutorial.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)